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A Jewish wedding is a unique event. One of the cornerstones of the Jewish life cycle, as with all religions, it’s always a great cause for celebration. Since rituals associated with Jewish weddings begin as soon as the couple are engaged, it’s important to find a wedding photographer who will capture those special moments along the way. After all, with a Jewish wedding, the build-up is just as important as the actual event. From the breaking of the plate to the breaking of the glass, don’t miss out a moment with Iain Gomes.

Being a London based photographer, Iain has worked on many different projects over the years. Bringing his unique vision and skills to all clients, his photography is both beautiful and breath-taking. He captures those little moments that make life special, with a perfect blend of reportage and creative photography.

Unlike some wedding photographers, Iain really gets to know his clients. Since a Jewish wedding is a very special event, you’ll be sure he understands the process you’re going through as a couple. Deep in tradition and ritual, a Jewish wedding deserves only the best in photography. Friendly and respectful, Iain is guaranteed to capture the images you want and surpass all expectations.



For a look at his stunning gallery, take a look here.



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What do you need to know before attending a Jewish wedding? 

  • What should I wear to a Jewish wedding? For the ceremony, women usually wear clothing that covers their shoulders and men wear Kippahs or Yarmulkas to cover their heads.
  • How long is a Jewish wedding ceremony? A Jewish wedding ceremony typically ranges from 25-45 minutes depending on how much the couple seeks to embellish it with readings, rituals, and music.
  • Do men and women sit separately at a Jewish wedding? At Orthodox Jewish weddings, it is customary for men and women to sit on either side of the ceremony. At an ultra-Orthodox wedding, men and women will also have a partition between them during the ceremony.
  • Should I bring a gift ot a Jewish wedding?   Yes, it is usual practice to gift the couple a Jewish ritual object or money in increments of £18, symbolizing the Hebrew word Chai, which means “life.”

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Aufruf is a Yiddish term that means “to call up.” before the wedding ceremony. The bride and groom are asked to come to the Torah for a blessing called an aliyah

Fasting before a Jewish wedding

The wedding couple will fast and this will last until their first meal together after the wedding ceremony.

All of the important moments that make up your ceremony and traditions will be caught by London’s best Jewish wedding photographers at Gomes Photography.

Ketubah Signing

The ketubah is the symbolic Jewish marriage contract that outlines the groom’s responsibilities to his bride. It’s an important part of the ceremony and part of the Jewish civil law. It is not a religious document and is signed before the start of the ceremony and then read aloud during the ceremony.


Jewish wedding photography in London

Gomes Photography has photographed many Jewish weddings at some of the very best wedding venues in London, including The Ritz, Claridges, Mandarin Oriental and Shangri la at The Shard.

For Jewish wedding photography prices get in touch for a bespoke quote depending on the number of hours you require your photographer for.

Jewish Wedding Photography london

Online resources for Jewish weddings in the UK

There is a large and vibrant Jewish community in London and with so many young Jewish couples getting married it’s not surprising to see that London is home to one of Europes best online resources aimed entirely at the Jewish wedding industry is the place to go for all things related to your big day. 

if you are a young Jewish couple newly engaged then it’s a great place to start looking for inspiration and advice. maybe you could book an engagement photoshoot in London and use the photos from your pre-wedding shoot as your invitations or have one mounted on a signing board and have your guests leave messages for you on your wedding day?


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