Are you looking for a Jewish Wedding Photographer?

A Jewish wedding is a unique event. One of the cornerstones of the Jewish life cycle, as with all religions, it’s always a great cause for celebration. Since rituals associated with Jewish weddings begin as soon as the couple are engaged, it’s important to find a wedding photographer who will capture those special moments along the way. After all, with a Jewish wedding, the build-up is just as important as the actual event. From the breaking of the plate to the breaking of the glass, don’t miss out a moment with Iain Gomes.

A London based photographer, Iain has worked on many different projects over the years. Bringing his unique vision and skills to all clients, his photography is both beautiful and breath-taking. He captures those little moments that make life special, with a perfect blend of reportage and creative photography.

Unlike some wedding photographers, Iain really gets to know his clients. Since a Jewish wedding is a very special event, you’ll be sure he understands the process you’re going through as a couple. Deep in tradition and ritual, a Jewish wedding deserves only the best in photography. Friendly and respectful, Iain is guaranteed to capture the images you want and surpass all expectations.

For a look at his stunning gallery, take a look here.

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