London Wedding Photography

We’ve all heard wedding photo horror stories; you know the ones, where a trusted and recommended photographer turns out to be nothing of the sort and the record of the big day is ruined. This is why choosing a photographer for your wedding album needs careful consideration, and when looking for quality London wedding photography you may want to check out Gomes Photography, where proprietor Iain Gomes can boast many years experience and a wealth of satisfied clients.

Offering a professional service that is absolutely second to none, Gomes Photography knows the wedding photo business inside out, and attention to quality and detail are always to the fore. A gallery of superb examples on the website is a great way of checking out his work, and Iain can attend any event you need recording. For wedding photography, you need someone with a good eye for an opportunity and an ability to organise your guests quickly and effectively, and Gomes Photography provides expertise in all of this with a friendly and professional approach.

Wedding photography styles

Documentary wedding photography London

Documentary wedding photography, also known as candid or reportage wedding photography is a style of wedding photography where the photographer is observing the day as it unfolds and capturing those fleeting moments as they happen. Documentary wedding photography is the art of storytelling, capturing all of the precious moments during the wedding day in an unobtrusive way. To really convey the atmosphere a true documentary image should get across the emotion or the moment of a scene without further explanation.  

Creative Wedding Photography London

Creative wedding photography is all about producing an artistic vision that many people do not believe could be produced on a busy wedding day. If you like the creative and artistic style of photography that is seen in many high-end wedding magazines and the style of photography you see on the cover of Vanity Fair then I am sure you will like the work of London wedding photographer Gomes Photography! With his creative use of light and eye for composition and finding a perfect background in the most unusual of places then a creative wedding photographer like Iain will make your wedding photography dreams come true.



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