Nigerian Wedding Photography

Nigerian Wedding Photography

Are you looking to get married in Nigeria? Looking for a fantastic photographer to capture the ultimate Nigerian wedding? Snap up Iain Gomes. London based, he works all over the world to capture exquisite images that last a lifetime. Having already worked in such countries as Malta and Sydney, examples of his beautiful destination photography can be viewed here.

Nigeria is a beautiful country to get married. The cultural nerve centre of Africa, there are many stunning and unique places in which to get wed. The country’s rich culture provides some of the most colourful food, music and cultural expressions in the world. Your wedding will be full of sumptuous details perfect for making unforgettable photographs.

Iain wants your wedding photography to reflect, not only sense of place, but your unique relationships and personality. Travelling with your wedding party, he truly gets to know clients, believing this enables him to create richest photography possible. His highly individual style creates images which are unequivocally breath taking. Creating crisp, clean and sharp images, he uses the best studio and fashion lighting techniques possible, never cluttering up your venue with huge lighting rigs. Believing a relaxed, natural manner is best, Iain will capture images which document the emotional highlights of the day, rather than relying on fads (which quickly get out of date!).

Iain’s images are timeless.

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