A massive thank you to all the brides and grooms who entered my Facebook competition.  The response was overwhelming and I am delighted to announce Michelle and James as the winners.

Michelle and James will be getting married at the Asylum in Peckham on the 26th October 19 and will be having a Halloween themed wedding.

Michelle and James

Meet the winners.

How Michelle and James met.

“We met years ago through friends and were friends for a few years before we actually became a couple. Mainly due to me as James was constantly telling me we were soulmates, sending me cute little gifts and flowers through the post and asking me to be his girlfriend but I’d always turn him down. I eventually gave in and from our first date we have pretty much been inseparable, so as much as I hate to admit he’s right about anything, he was definitely right about us being soulmates!”

How James proposed.

“We had been together just over two years when we got engaged. It was a complete surprise and I was not expecting him to propose at all. About a week before he’d been banging on about visiting a grave he’d heard of in a local graveyard that was rumoured have a witch buried in it. We’re both a little creepy, kooky and spooky so when he suggested we go look for it, I was super excited and totally up for it. So we got to the graveyard and went looking for the grave. He pointed one out and told me to go check if it was the one. When I turned around to tell him it was, he was down on one knee with a ring in his hand. It was completely unexpected and although it sounds a little weird to most people, being in a cemetery, next to the grave of a young witch, it was super romantic to me. Even more so because I later found out he’d been planning it for months!”

Why did you choose the Asylum?

“We chose the venue we plan to get married in as we wanted somewhere different, cool, with a slightly creepy, gothic, alternative feel to it. But also somewhere that wasn’t a church. When we saw The Asylum, we instantly knew it was just perfect for us, it suited both our personalities, it’s absolutely beautiful and has amazing stained glass windows that we love, and will also fit so well with our wedding inspiration, which is obviously Halloween!”

I’m looking forward to meeting Michelle and James and photographing their wedding.