Destination Weddings
A destination wedding is one of the best ways of ensuring you have a wedding that’s completely the way you want it!

I’m highly experienced when it comes to taking wedding photos around the world. Here you can see my gallery with all the venues, countries and couples I’ve photographed across the world, from Italy, Switzerland, Belgium, Malta to further afield locations, such as the Caribbean and the Sydney Opera House.

I am well able to use fashion and studio lighting techniques to get your big day its best shots. But I do so very discreetly. There’s simply no point having a wedding in a gorgeous destination if you don’t have the photos to record that you were there! After all, you may well only be there once.

Please also visit some of my wedding journals!

I am also very used to taking photos of all faiths and nationalities, from Chinese and Greek to Jewish and Hindu. Not only do I have extensive experience in this field of photography, but I know how to understand what clients need and how to do my job without disrupting the day.

It’s important that you have strong images because there may well be friends and family who can’t travel or be with you, so the pictures are definitely needed. With my creative ability, and experience of travel, I can create the perfect portfolio of your wedding. Talk to me today to learn more.