In the years since I founded it, Gomes Photography has gone from strength to strength. The vision of one man with a passion for taking photos, it has given me the chance to contribute in some small way to one of the biggest events in the lives of many of the people I’ve worked with: their wedding days.

Days of celebration and happiness for my clients, they have been times of joy for me too, giving me the opportunity to not only do something I love for a living but to perform the privileged task of helping others to remember their weddings for years to come.

This has provided me with opportunities I could only have imagined, and taken me to some of the UK’s most exquisite and exciting wedding venues throughout the course of my career, from St Paul’s Cathedral to Skibo Castle, The Ritz Hotel, The Painted Hall at the Old Royal Naval College, and even The Sydney Opera House, all of which have been utter delights to photograph.

So you can imagine how proud I am to share with you my latest achievement: being featured in a book on my very favourite subject. Authored by the founder and photographer of SHOTKIT, The Lighting Secrets of the World’s Best Wedding Photographers is a fantastic insight into what I and my fellow professionals do to create the pictures you deserve on your big day.

It’s my job to utilise my experience and creative thinking to make every moment of your wedding nuptials look picture perfect, and it’s the tips, tricks, and expertise that help me do this that I contributed in this book. It was a great chance to discuss with other like-minded enthusiasts the skills that I’ve gained over the years, especially because I got to go into details about one of the areas of photography I’m most passionate about: lighting.

Having a portfolio so heavily focused in the UK, it has been essential for me to get to grips with working in low light situations, which means that I’ve become something of an expert on the topic. Able to capture the events of the day without cluttering it up with huge lighting rigs, I specialise in using small flashes, which are usually placed on high and kept discreetly out of the way.

It is the perfecting of these techniques that allows me to capture such crisp and clean shots; ones that will truly stand the test of time when presented to my clients. And it is this that made me so excited to have the opportunity to participate in such a project.

It’s not every day that you get contacted because someone believes you to be one of the world’s best wedding photographers, and my involvement with SHOTKIT in the creation of this book has been a true pleasure from start to finish – I only hope that its future readers find it as interesting and useful a resource as I have.

Thank you to Mark from SHOTKIT for the hard work to produce such a wonderful book, which you can purchase here here.   Or for more about my services, get in touch with me today. I’m always happy to hear from those who share my passion.

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