Although I love all of my photography jobs, whenever I’m scheduled to photograph a Hindu wedding I always feel an overwhelming sense of excitement. Hindu weddings are so different from many of the weddings I shoot in London, and I really enjoy the variety. When Barathy and Jon asked me to be their Hindu wedding photographer, I just couldn’t wait.

Barathy and Jon chose me because of my photographing style, and for my previous experience shooting Hindu weddings. As a London wedding photographer working in one of the most culturally diverse destinations in the world, I’ve seen a number of Hindu weddings so I have quite a good idea of what to expect, and how to bring out the colours of the day. The bride and groom chose to marry at the Murugan Temple, Highgate Hill, located in the north of the city, which is quite a historic and important venues for Hindus living in London. The Murugan Temple was the first Hindu temple to be visited by a reigning monarch, solidifying the UK’s acceptance and welcoming of different culture and belief. It was the ideal venue for the blending of Barathy and Jon’s different backgrounds.

Asian wedding photography offers its challenges – but good challenges! Unlike many other wedding venues I see, which have very neutral designs to allow brides and grooms to put their own spin on things, the Murugan Temple is designed according to savia scriptures, so plenty of colour, representation of Gods, and an all-round energetic and fun atmosphere is seen here. The design complimented the vibrancy of Barathy and Jon’s wedding excellently.

The Murugan Temple offers two different rooms for wedding ceremonies, giving brides and grooms the choice regarding size, shape, and environment. For brides and grooms looking to have a Hindu ceremony within easy reach of central London, and in a venue that has such strong connections to India’s relationship with the United Kingdom, there is no better destination than Highgate Hill’s Murugan Temple. I cannot wait to photograph my next Hindu wedding in London – these ceremonies are always so fun and bold and I love being involved.

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