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Wedding photography has undergone enormous changes in the past century, all for the better. Stuffy, traditional portraits of the bride and groom gazing sternly at the camera have been replaced by quirky, creative and contemporary wedding photography. The bride and groom now have a variety of styles to choose from: classical and traditional wedding photography, contemporary wedding photography and reportage (or documentary) wedding photography.
Sometimes you get a wedding photographer who can combine all three, utilising the styles in such a way as to tell the whole story of the day and reflects the individual characters involved. As you can see from the selection of wedding photographs throughout the site, I love the photojournalistic style and dedicated photojournalists are reluctant to change, influence or alter any part of the wedding. They instead prefer to go with the flow, using their experience and professional photography skills to make the most of any situation.

This is where my own passion for photography emerges. I use natural light wherever possible, but if that natural light refuses to play ball, I may take liberties to create my own light source. This does not mean that your wedding day will be taken over by huge lighting rigs and other photography equipment. I use small flashes which are often clamped high up and away. Perhaps the fortunate thing about the UK, is that photographers are experienced in taking professional, clear pictures in low light. That is one of the main differences between a professional London wedding photographer and a friend with an expensive camera.

I love taking sharp, crisp images and so to create this effect I use studio and fashion lighting techniques. Photography fads and styles come and go, so those photos your parents have of their own wedding now look dated. This is why I am a firm believer in natural, perfectly exposed and beautifully lit images without any gimmicks which will remain en vogue for years to come.

I have full appreciation and respect for the fact that this intimate day is yours to be shared with family and close friends and not to be spent posing in front of the camera whilst your guests wait impatiently for you to return. I choose my moments carefully to create the kind of images I know you will love. All of my clients appreciate my style of photography and so are happy to work with me and as I have made the effort to get to know them beforehand, we have a lot of fun doing the shoots.

My creative photography doesn’t involve the bride and groom hanging from trees (unless that’s your thing?) and nor do I spend hours fiddling with the placement of hands or fingers. Instead, I will use the natural locations I have found and will simply allow you to have a moment to yourselves. These are the natural, loving moments that I wish to capture.

I love creating exciting wedding portraits in dramatic locations, which is why I also love being a destination wedding photographer.

If you would like me to get involved in your wedding plans, then call me on 0203 837 4953 or email and let’s chat about what gets you excited.

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