An Engagement shoot in London at night – My friendship with Cyndal and Ben started last year when Ben asked me to photograph him proposing to Cyndal on a  Punt in Oxford.  Logistically it was a challenge as I had never met the couple before so I had to make sure I got the right folks, else that would be embarrassing. Ben and Cyndal arrived at the Magdalen Bridge Boathouse as planned and with a discreet wink and a nod of the head I knew I had my couple.

I was thinking about hiding on their boat however common sense prevailed and I hopped into my own boat. Cyndal had noticed me but she admits she thought I was just a bit odd 🙂  Anyway as the time came for Ben to pop the question I was slightly out of position as the boat started to turn the other way but quickly we manoeuvred back into position and I got the photos.  Despite a slight crash on the way back we all made it to shore safely.

We parted company and as they were heading back to the US shortly we promised to keep in touch.  So when the couple came back at the end of last year Ben dropped me an email and asked if we could do a night time photoshoot around London.  It was cold and late and London was eerily quiet by the time we finished but we did managed to get some pretty cool photos.

I’m looking forward to the wedding in 2017 🙂 For me it will be great to see hear them say their vows after witnessing the proposal.

London Engagement Shoot_0015 London Engagement Shoot_0016 London Engagement Shoot_0018 London Engagement Shoot_0021 London Engagement Shoot_0024 London Engagement Shoot_0026

A london engagement shoot A london engagement shoot at night pre wedding shoot in london pre wedding shoot in londonLondon Engagement Shoot_0010a London Engagement Shoot_0012 London Engagement Shoot_0006a pre wedding shoot in london pre wedding shoot in london pre wedding shoot in london

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