Weddings at Skibo Castle and Carnegie Club Located on the Dornoch Firth shores, in a secluded corner of the Eastern Highlands of Scotland, sits the Skibo Castle, and Carnegie Club. As a photographer, this is an amazing location as the castle and the grounds make the perfect backdrop for wedding photos.

Why Get Married at Skibo Castle? The grounds of Skibo Castle cover over 7500 acres, making this the perfect location for wedding parties of all sizes. Many celebrities have been married at the castle, including actress Ashley Judd and Dario Franchitti, and the world renowned Madonna and Guy Ritchie. Many dignitaries and celebrities, such as Bill Clinton and Angelina Jolie, have also chosen the Skibo Castle and Carnegie Club for events due to the beautiful location and secluded feel to the place. The castle itself dates back to the 12th century, though it has been updated over the centuries. The suites are Edwardian in origin, and unique in character, yet they still contain all the modern conveniences that a wedding party could need. The castle can easily accommodate large wedding parties, and many couples decide to remain in the castle for their honeymoon to take full advantage of the scenery and attractions on offer. Also on offer are a bath, spa and swimming pool, so guests can be pampered during the run up to the big day.

Wedding Photography at Skibo Castle Skibo Castle is an extremely relaxing and peaceful venue, and I find that this makes wedding guests feel totally at ease. This leads to me being able to take some truly natural photographs which show grace and emotion. The dramatic setting of Skibo Castle enables me to take a wide range of photos in different locations. Group photos are especially good with the castle in the background, whereas photos of young bridesmaids and page boys can look fabulous whilst they are playing in the grounds or the forested area.

The Staff at Skibo Castle Throughout my time at Skibo Castle the staff made sure I was well looked after. In particular I’d like to thank Peter Crome (Chairman & Managing Director), David Thomson (Director of Golf) and Xavier Schwanen for all their help during my stay.

Skibo Castle wedding

Skibo Castle wedding

David Thomson Director of Golf at Skibo Castle
David Thomson Director of Golf at the Carnegie Club Skibo Castle
Peter Crome Chairman and Managing Director at the Carnegie Club Skibo Castle
Peter Crome Chairman and Managing Director at the Carnegie Club Skibo Castle

Skibo Castle Skibo Castle Skibo Castle  Skibo Castle

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