Hall Place in Bexley, Kent was the ideal location for the wedding of Terry and Charlie earlier this year. It’s a grand Tudor country house which is unusual, for its split 16th and 17th century architecture. The Grade I listed house has been restored to its former glory and so has a very medieval, romantic atmosphere, particularly in the Great Hall where once guests would have been heralded with music from the Minstrels’ Gallery and dined on haunches of venison.

The Great Hall just lends itself beautifully to such a momentous occasion. You almost feel that this is exactly what it was designed to do and that you have stepped back in time to a more regal era – little wonder as King George VI once dined here.

Any wedding photographer would find photographing the wedding party in such stunning locations a delight and I was no exception. As it was my second visit providing wedding photography at Hall Place, I was familiar with the beautiful landscaped gardens and Queen’s Beasts topiary display but it was the 16th century stone building which provided many of my stunning backdrops.

In fact, I was incredibly lucky that Hall Place provided so many of these wonderful backdrops, so much so that any photograph would have looked good, but my particular favourites are the night shots where the silhouette of the couple are illuminated by the large bay windows, giving the shots an ethereal quality suited to such a medieval building.

I like to get to know the wedding couple, guests and staff as much as possible before the event so that everyone feels comfortable with my presence and I can take plenty of natural shots without being too intrusive. This wedding was particularly memorable for the warm welcome I received from all which left me feeling more of a guest than the wedding photographer at Hall Place.

Providing wedding photography at Hall Place will always be a pleasure and a selection of my photographs on the day is displayed below and I hope that together they tell the story of Terry and Charlie’s wedding far better than words alone could.

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