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London Wedding Photographer shares his Tips On Choosing The Best Wedding Photographer For Your Special Day

After putting in so much time, effort and money into your special day, it’s important to find the best wedding photographer possible to capture those special moments for your album says Iain Gomes, an experienced London Wedding Photographer.

So, whether you’re trying to search out the best London wedding photographer or looking for the right person for your dreamy destination wedding, here’s what to ask & look for:

1. How Many Years Of Wedding Photography Experience Do They Have? Your ideal wedding photographer should not only have a creative mind but years of experience in wedding photography.

2. Do They Have The Best Equipment & Team? Experienced professionals will have the right kit to best capture each moment. A second shooter will help ensure the best moments are captured from different angles.

3. Can You Meet The Photographer In Advance. Do they make you and your other half feel comfortable? Do they have answers to all your questions & address your concerns?

4. See Their Past Albums. Flick through a few sample albums to see their style & creativity.

5. Testimonials. These give an indication of how satisfied past couples have been.

6. How Many Wedding Venues & Destinations Have They Clicked? Photographers who have snapped in iconic venues & destinations are more likely to be on top of their game.

7. Are They Available For Your Wedding Date? Good photographers get booked much in advance, so be sure to identify and enquire early.

8. Do They Offer Black & White Wedding Photos In Addition To Colour? Good wedding photographers will offer a set of black & white prints in addition to the coloured ones which can be a valuable add on.

9. How Will They & Their Team Dress For The Wedding? It’s important for the photographers to blend with the guests & venue.

10. How Long Will They Stay For & What Time Will They Arrive/Leave? It is important that photo coverage is available for the key moments which may be spread out over the day.

11. Are The Photos Professionally Retouched? Photography is a specialised field, and the best photographers usually have professional teams to edit and retouch the images.

12. How Long Before The Final Photos Will Be Available? There can be a substantial difference in the time taken to get the final photos to the couple.

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