Kent Wedding Photographer – It’s been a while since I photographed a wedding at High Rocks in Kent so I was pleased to be going back to shoot Natalie and Dominic’s wedding.  On the 2nd January of this year Dominic got in touch with me and asked if I would shoot his wedding and I am so glad that we managed to make it happen.

I arrived on the day where Natalie was getting ready, a farm house quite literally in the middle of know where and my sat nav was not liking it at all. After a few wrong turns we made it. 

I know photos up on the Rocks were important to Natalie and Dominic, and especially some sunset shots so all day I was watching out for the weather and for the right time to take the couple up. Sunsets come and go in minutes and you need to be in location just at the right time. We were really lucky and the weather was on our side, as was a pretty awesome sunset.

I’d like to thank Natalie and Dominic for asking me to photograph their wedding at High Rocks in Kent. Also a massive thanks for the lovely email I received.

Here’s a few photos from Natalie and Dominic’s wedding at High Rocks in Kent.


On behalf of myself and my wife, thanks so much, we will truly never forget the day as you have captured some unreal moments.

I really hope we cross paths again soon and we are already recommending you to all our friends and family.

You are a photographic genius.

Take care and once again, thanks soooo much



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