I first met Katie when she was a bridesmaid at Suzie and Alex’s wedding in Notting Hill last September. I still can’t believe that a year has gone by already, but anyway I digress. I was delighted when Katie sent me an email at the start of this year to ask if I was free to photograph her wedding to Jack.

Katie and Jack’s wedding day was to be held in a marquee in her Mum’s garden, with the ceremony a 5 minute walk away in Totteridge. A real English country wedding with real significance as it’s the house that Katie grew up in. It felt very English Country although technically still London. And as a London wedding photographer it was nice to be able to shoot outdoors for most of the day.

I was photographing with a new member of the Gomes Photography team, Dewan, who I hope you will see more of in future blogs. Lovely guy and great photographer. We were both made to feel welcome in the family home as I got about photographing some of Katie getting ready and the boys larking about.

With one eye on the weather we made the short walk to the church, sadly you wont see any photos as I wasn’t allowed to photograph during the ceremony, which is cool and I totally respect. After the ceremony Katie and Jack jumped into the car for the short drive to the house, and myself and Dewan walked with some of the guests, photographing as we went.

As you look through the photos below you will see some photos of Jack and his groomsmen…. honestly I did not encourage any of this behaviour. Jack certainly wasn’t shy in front of the camera. Katie did warn me about this ahead of the day. 🙂

The end of the wedding for me was really unique and not something I’d ever seen before. Jack and his family got on stage, as Band and play a selection of songs. With Jack on the drums it was brilliant to see.

Thanks once again to the couple, their friends and family for making me feel so welcome on the day.

Best wishes



P.S. I received this lovely email from Katie today and this is why I love my job.


We looked through the photos last night and honestly couldn’t be happier. They’re beautiful. They document the day so well, all of the big moments as well as the details. Some lovely ones of the two of us which is what we wanted.

Thank you again for everything Iain, I’m so pleased that you were able to photograph the wedding


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