Keiko and Chris were holding a two day wedding celebration, and asked me to do their Mayfair wedding photography – an assignment that covered not one but three different venues around the Mayfair area. Ranging from the down-to-earth Wandsworth Town Hall, to the luxurious Connaught Hotel, to the breathtakingly beautiful Claridges, this is the sort of work I absolutely love. As a London wedding photographer, I am always looking for new challenges that take me out of my comfort zone.

Day one started at the Connaught Hotel, right in the heart of Mayfair. One of the oldest hotels in the area, the Connaught was built back in 1815. Although the property underwent a massive refurbishment in 2007, the hotel retains that charm of yesteryear, while incorporating a modern twist. This venue really is ideal for couples who want to honour the tradition of marriage, while adding their own contemporary personalities. It was certainly a perfect option for Keiko and Chris, who were blending the modernism of the west with the tradition of the east with their multicultural wedding.

The ceremony itself took place at Wandsworth Town Hall (yet another venue of contrasts). The room where the ceremony took place was very relaxed, very informal, and very down-to-earth, while other parts of the building were wonderfully historic, with carved banisters cascading down the stairways, and a classic gold theme which was reminiscent of the Royal connections of the hotel back in the 19th century.

Day two once again started at the Connaught Hotel, before close family and friends were invited to a sophisticated sit down dinner at Claridges – a true way to impress the bride’s family who had flown in from Japan. Claridges is another historic hotel in Mayfair, having opened its doors in 1856, and fast becoming an iconic London landmark. Claridges provided the extravagance that contrasted with the simplicity of the ceremony. Together, all three Mayfair wedding venues provided the perfect location for Keiko and Chris’ wedding. Multiple venues isn’t something that many brides and grooms consider, but it can really help bring the day together, and makes for a truly diverse wedding album.

Mayfair Wedding Photography Mayfair Wedding Photography Mayfair Wedding Photography Mayfair Wedding Photography 


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