Richmond is, by far, one of the most popular wedding destinations in the London area, and as a London wedding photographer, I often find myself working in this area, amongst the lush foliage, the amazing views, and the flowing Thames. Nimra and Ahmed contacted me prior to their wedding, requesting that I take photographs of their big day, ranging from the energetic group shots to more romantic pictures of the couple watching the sun go down.
There are a number of prestigious wedding venues in Richmond, but perhaps none so spectacular as the Richmond Hill Hotel, where Nimra and Ahmed chose to celebrate. Acting as a Richmond Hill Hotel wedding photographer for the day gave me unlimited opportunities to utilise the natural scenery, both within the grounds of the hotel, and in Richmond Park, just a stones throw from the venue. Fortunately, we were blessed with beautiful weather on the day, so the wedding album included plenty of alfresco shots showing off not only the beauty of the bride and groom, but also of Richmond and the Thames Valley.
I love photographing weddings at the Richmond Hill Hotel because the variations on what I can do are almost endless. As a classic Georgian property, there’s an old-style, classic charm to this building that contrasts really well with the modern wedding venues inside. There are three venues at this hotel – The Ballroom, the Richmond Room, and The Park Room, which all offer a touch of contemporary class amongst this 18th century mansion.
Of course, while the venues themselves are beautiful, the highlight really is the surrounding landscape. Richmond offers what are arguably the best views of London, in serene and luxurious settings. Richmond Park boasts almost 50 different types of grass and wildflowers, more than 1200 ancient trees, and even 630 free roaming deer! Although we weren’t lucky enough to catch any deer on film on this occasion, it’s certainly something I strive for in the future!

Richmond Wedding Photography

Richmond Wedding Photography

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