When I was asked to provide the Westminster Town hall wedding photography for Naomi and Yemi, it would be the first of a two day job in central London that I was very excited about. As a London photographer, there is just something so exciting about shooting in the heart of the city. The couple would be holding a small official ceremony at the Town Hall, followed by a huge celebration at the Park Plaza Victoria the following day.

The entire event was very informal, and the venue proved to be perfect for this sort of wedding. Naomi and Yemi wanted a more low key day today, with the majority of the oomph reserved for their reception the next day. The beauty of Westminster Town Hall is that it can really be as formal, or as informal, as the bride and groom sees fit. Whereas the interior is decorated very basicly, the exterior is magnificent, with large columns, stairways, and a real classic feel.

I’d photographed at the Westminster Town Hall before, so I was aware that, although there was an abundance of natural light inside, the set up did provide some photography challenges. However, I came prepared and created some amazing shots throughout the day, ranging from relaxed shots inside the venue, to more sophisticated poses against the facade of the building.

However, it was really once we ventured outside that I was able to do what I do best – truly creative photography. Naomi and Yemi were holding both their ceremony and reception in central London (they simply loved the adrenaline of the big city) so I thought it fitting to include some almost stereotypical London shots. The location of the venue makes this incredibly easy. Not only is the Town Hall within easy reach of Regents Park and Kensington Gardens, but it’s also a great place for including classic icons of London in the pictures, such as the infamous double decker bus.

For brides and grooms wanting to include the wonders of the capital into their wedding, I don’t think there’s anywhere better than the Westminster Town Hall. It’s places like these that show just why London is one of the most popular wedding destinations in the south east.

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