Whilst putting together my 2014 wedding review, which is a selection of my favourite photos, I wondered how different it would look if the images were chosen by my brides (and grooms). So I emailed a few and asked if they would be so kind as to share with me their favourite wedding photo and also to give a sentence on why they chose it. Very quickly I was getting grief (Elise) that it wasn’t fair to be limited to just one photo, however I was adamant I only wanted one photo… (Cat ahem 8 photos later). Below are the photos as chosen by my amazing couples.

Thank you for taking the time to do this for me. x


Leeds Castle Wedding Photography
We Love this photo because it has captured the main idea of Our wedding day. Part of U belongs to him. Part of him belongs to U You cant take it back. No matter how much U want. No matter how hard u try. Jarmila and David
A Beautiful Surrey Wedding
My favourite picture encapsulates how joyful our wedding day was! Heidi and Tim
A Vibrant Wedding in Camden Lock
This is our chosen favourite photo. It captures the beauty of our day, all of our guest together in the heart of Camden Town celebrating our marriage. Kim and Tom
A wedding at Northbrook Park in Surrey
Every time I look back at the pictures, it brings back wonderful memories of our wedding day. Although seemingly an easy task, to pick our favourite picture, it certainly was not! We love all of them, in different ways. We finally picked this picture because it captured the moment perfectly. This was towards the end of the day, and you pulled us aside for a few shots, just as the sun was going down. It gave us some time, just to reflect on the day, and enjoy the moment with each other. Marie and Andy
St Albans Cathedral Wedding Photography
The chosen picture is our favourite as it reveals the way we felt on the day; very relaxed and happy sharing each other’s company. We don’t recall you taking this shot which makes it even more special as you captured us so beautifully in a very special moment laughing together away from our guests. Everyone commented on the happy and relaxed feel of the day and this photo summarises it perfectly Natasha and Richard
Sopwell House Wedding Photography
It’s been impossible to pick just ONE favourite photo, but if you forced me I’d probably say this one… It’s shot just moments after we became husband & wife and captures the complete happiness in our faces, whilst bringing back memories of me having just squealed “slow down” when Paul excitedly sped down the aisle holding my hand and I struggled to juggle my dress, bouquet, his hand and my heels sinking into the grass! Rachel and Paul
The Rosewood Hotel Wedding Photography
“we love all our photos, but we have chosen this photo as it captures the essence of our wedding, the unique décor of the venue with your very clever use of the lighting , whilst also showing a private and special moment between us.” Abbie and Stuart
St Paul’s Cathedral Wedding Photography
London landmark, atmospheric clouds, veil blowing in the wind – us holding on, happy and in love – beautifully captured by Iain Gomes. Shahrzad and Alistair
Wedding Photography at The Old Kent Barn
The reason that I chose this photo was because it was the end of an amazing day and captured one of the beautiful places at our venue. It was also such a unique image and whilst there are many that capture our friends and families who were there to share our day, it’s a reminder that it was our special day as a couple. Kat and Craig
Weddings at the Old Royal Navy College in Greenwich
I know it’s not the most flattering & my giraffe husband’s head is cut off but it reminds me of the laugher and fun that laced the entire day & how informal we all were in such a formal setting 🙂 Elise and Pirouz 
Weddings at the Kensington Roof Gardens
Left Image: Oh & I loved these two dramatic ones too. I can’t just pick one! My favourite pictures are the two photos outside in front of the taxi attached (I only have them in b&w on my phone). I love them because I feel like it looks like an old romantic movie scene. I also love that it has our friends & family are in the shot looking so happy. Cat and Daniel


Destination Wedding Photographer
Left image: We love this photo because it captures how happy we both were and the elegance and glamour of our wedding day, it’s one of the first moments we had to step away from a buzzy room of friends and family celebrating, a quiet few minutes for us to take everything in and enjoy as Husband and Wife.  Charlotte and Ben   –   Right Image: I’ve attached my favourite (one of my favourites). I love this photo because you’ve captured the excitement and happiness in Stef’s face in a way that’s so special for me. And the juxtaposition of her uninhibited smile and my seriousness is a sort of metaphor for our relationship. It’s also slightly comical. It also captures the church in a magical golden-red, almost better than I think it looks in real life! Steph and Avnish


Wedding at the Bingham Hotel in Richmond
Left image: It’s really hard to choose one favourite photo because we are so happy with all of them. I really like this one because it looks very romantic and reminds us of what a beautiful day we had. Thanks again Iain for the great photos. Daisy and Ben  –  Right image: The reason why we love this one is because it has a bit more attitude than a ‘typical’ romantic wedding photo. I think it captures a look that I often end up giving Rob – usually when he’s done something a bit cheeky but I can’t resist laughing (probably like the look when I received a birthday card from him on the wedding day!). The girls in the boarding house at school also love it and have also tried to re-enact this pose many times and think Rob looks a bit James Bond like (probably the reason why he likes it!!) Emma and Rob


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